About Little Blue Globe Band

California native Matthew John Dorman has recorded children's music under the name Little Blue Globe Band since 2012. His interest in children’s music first came in 2005 during a Fulbright-funded fieldwork trip to Finland while working on his doctorate in ethnomusicology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. This interest became concrete after his first daughter Taika Kuu (Finnish for 'magic moon') was born in 2011. As a stay-at-home dad, Matthew began working on songs to help Taika relax and learn basic skill sets. The first tune along these lines was "The Balloon Song," a gentle folk song for learning colors. Shortly thereafter, "The Balloon Song" went viral on the YouTube channel Toddler World TV and Little Blue Globe Band had its first online hit. Since then, the band has recorded over 100 songs, jingles, and instrumental pieces, many of which have millions of views on YouTube. The band’s sound is rooted in folk music, informed by rock, electronica, and music from around the world.

In addition to Little Blue Globe Band, Matthew runs the Toddler World TV YouTube page, works as a recording and mixing engineer, and performs in several other bands and ensembles. Matthew holds a master's degree in music composition from San Diego State University, and a doctorate in ethnomusicology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.